Basic palette swap shader with the potential to manage up to a 100 colors at the same time.

* New updated shader: Now it is possible to modify 766 different colors at a time.




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really really neat! but you can actually get up to 16777216 colors not that you would ever need that many. Still really cool though!

r + 256 * (g + 256 * b);


Wow! that's amazing. Thank you very much for sharing the formula :) it's definitely worth a try... I mean, purely academic...

I don't know what Godot's array limit is, but I think 24-bit is very plausible. The bigger challenge would be having a texture that long, performance wise.

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You would want a 4096x4096 texture as 4096*4096 = 16777216 to index into that you can divide and mod the previous formula eg          x = value%4096 y =  floor(value/4096