If you don't feel comfortable with donations you can still support the channel by purchasing one of my useful everyday life tools. This app converts between temperature degrees on your smartphone.

To celebrate the launch of this app you can get it for free until May 12th, 2020 on Google Play!

The HTML file is a free DEMO version with limited access, you'll need to purchase the app at the Google Play Store for full access.

Use the left mouse click to simulate a touch.

Easily and conveniently convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin and Rankine
degree scales.

- Ruler view. Fast and intuitive, convert values by tapping the sides of your device to cycle through degree scales.

- Calculator view. Convert any value instantly and learn the formulas.

- Practice view. Apply what you've learned and level up your knowledge. The more you practice the easier it'll become to convert values.

*Fun fact. This app does not contain a limiter for the Absolute Zero temperature, that means you can go below 0° Kelvin. Those temperatures can't be reached in real life conditions!

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