You have 3 tries to set the highest score (local)

------------------- CONTROLS -------------------

Move & Aim Shot - Arrow Keys

Z - Flat Lob
A - Curve Lob
C - Flat Slice
D - Curve Slice

X - Cancel Shot
S - Turbo Speed

P - Pause menu
B - (Only use if the ball gets stuck) 

Based on Basque Pelota a.k.a Fronton  a.k.a American Handball. The objective is to make as many points as possible by hitting the golden rings. 

This is an Indie Solo Project and the very first video game I have ever made any positive/negative comments, bugs, performance issues, improvement ideas, etc. are very welcome.

Feeling bored? explore the map! or change to the blue court on the left for a different landscape.

Have fun!

Acrostics by Citifires

Sound effects:
  movingplaid Concrete Slap

  renatalmar SFX Magic

Additional credits & Learning resources if you are interested in making your own games:

GucioDevs - Easy to follow Unity2D Tutorials.
Jimmy Vegas - Unity Coding & game development tutorials.
Blender Guru - Excellent Blender tutorials for 3d modelling.
Speed Tutor - "Creating a game" series & tips for game development.
Game Dev Underground - Motivational & Game Development Tips.
Official Unity Learning Modules

Install instructions

Unzip the file on your computer, there are 2 files:

1 Fronton.exe

1 Data Folder

To play open the .exe file.

Have fun!


Download 56 MB

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